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The Road-Trip Plan

It's impossible to ensure a perfect road trip. The uncertainties and faults in our roads and cars make getting from A to B a challenge. Though it is impossible to plan and perform perfectly, it is possible to plan effectively. Here's a few tips to show you how to get rolling:
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Repairing Cracked Windshields Are a Must

We may have had it happen before. You drive down the highway, and the tiniest piece of gravel gets kicked up by the big truck in front of you. You hear that vicious tap, and hold your breath to see if it makes a nick, a chip, or a full-blown crack in your windshield. Often, the smaller it is, the less extensive of a repair you will have to get...

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Are You Questioning Whether to Buy or Lease Your New Car?

Getting a new car can be one of the most exhilarating experiences for many consumers. When you start to look into getting a new car, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is how you plan on getting it, financing wise. There are a couple of ways in which you can get a new car. One of the most publicly known ways of getting a new car is to buy it. When buying a car, you will be in position to acquire the car with a possible down payment and then make payments on a loan…

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Why Stop for Gas?

Humanity has done a lot of crazy things. We put a man on the moon. We can talk to anyone in the world thanks to a rectangle we carry in our pockets. And, craziest of all, we made a hybrid minivan that gets 84MPGe in the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica hybrid, the only seven-passenger vehicle to do so.


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Implement a maintenance schedule today!

It is of vital importance that you implement a regular vehicle maintenance schedule after purchasing a new vehicle. Many common issues that we face during road travel are preventable and by following the right schedule for checkups on your vehicle, they can be avoided.

Getting your vehicle’s oil changed on a regular basis can help to avoid major problems, such as engine breakdown or transmission failure. Regular vehicle maintenance is a cost-efficient way to ensure that your car performs at a high level for the duration of your ownership.

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Is Crude Oil Used to Make Gasoline & Conventional Oils?

You might have seen gasoline and motor oil listed under "petroleum products." Is crude oil used to make gasoline and conventional oils? What is the difference between engine lubricants and engine fuels?

Crude oil is distilled into different products, such as motor oil and gasoline. The motor oil is heavier, which allows it to coat your engine pistons. The fuel (gasoline, kerosene and diesel) are lighter mixtures. Some non-essential ingredients in crude oil remain in the finished lubricant product.


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Looking for a Fuel Efficiency Boost? Try These Driving and Maintenance Tips

As we go through our budgets to save some cash, the fuel efficiency of our vehicles is something we all think about. Your vehicle's fuel efficiency isn't set in stone, but there are ways you can give the fuel efficiency of your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep brand, or Ram vehicle a boost. Try the following tips in Yukon.

Tip 1: Slow down on the highway. The faster you go, the more fuel your engine has to use to power you through stronger wind resistance.

Tip 2: Your engine is the most efficient when it's warmed up.

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The Return of the Jeep Wagoneer and Jeep Grand Wagoneer are Imminent

Jeep brand fans, rejoice! The Jeep Wagoneer and Jeep Grand Wagoneer are coming back! That's right, the vehicle of your high school glory days will be making its return to Yukon. To say we are excited is an understatement. But the good news continues: a Jeep brand pickup is also in development!

The Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will be available in the 2021 model year, and will be produced in Warren, MI. The Jeep brand pickup, most likely to be based on the Wrangler, is also slated for a 2021 model year debut, and will be made in Toledo…

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