Consider the Unknown Factors of Your Vehicle’s Total Ownership Costs

November 9th, 2017 by

Many factors decide the sale price of a vehicle: condition, number of miles, aftermarket products added, and countless others. Although many people don’t recognize the total cost of ownership, it manifests itself more deeply in nicer, newer vehicles. Our team at Westpointe Chrysler Jeep Dodge is here to look at a few of the most common reasons driving high total costs of ownership.


Some of us simply can’t afford to purchase vehicles with cash – in actuality, most vehicles are, in fact, financed with monthly payments over long periods of time. Interest and financing fees add up, especially over periods of years, and especially if you need to improve your credit score. Insurance is expensive, as well, especially for nicer cars. Consumers seeking lower insurance payments should look to safer cars, or those less expensive than their higher-end counterparts.

If you live in the Yukon, OK area, you’re fortunate enough to have our team of experts at your disposal. Come by and see what we can do to lower your total cost of vehicle ownership at 11001 W Reno Avenue!

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