Fight the Boredom with the Chrysler Pacifica

November 6th, 2017 by


Road trips are long, kids get bored, and the back seat ends up acting as a battlefield. If you’re taking a road trip, the Chrysler Pacifica will be your family’s best friend.

With two large touch screens in the back seats featuring interactive games and apps, there won’t be any reason for your kids to argue — they’ll be too occupied with their games.

Maybe your kids aren’t really the gamer type. The Pacifica can fix that, too! With a Blu-ray player to play all of you family’s favorites, you may never need to hear “are we there yet?” again!

Even if technology in a car isn’t the selling point for you, the Pacifica has so much more to offer. If you think you may be interested, be sure to stop by Westpointe Chrysler Jeep Dodge today! Space, technology, sliding doors, what more could you ask for in a minivan? Come visit Westpointe Chrysler Jeep Dodge soon!

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