Winter Service | Yukon, OK

Now that winter is here, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is prepared. Our service department at Westpointe CDJR is here to help you with tips on how to service your car this winter.

Swap out Tires

While swapping out your tires isn’t necessary, it does help you handle the road better during winter weather conditions. The tread on winter tires are made specifically to handle both low temperatures and snow and ice. Swapping out your tires also helps to extend the life of your all-season or summer tires.

Replace Wiper Blades

Before or during the winter season, you’ll want to replace your wiper blades so you can be prepared for snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Outdating or deteriorating wiper blades won’t be able to clear your windshield properly while you’re driving.

Check Your Battery

You should be checking your car’s battery throughout the winter season, since batteries have to work extra hard in cold weather. If you don’t feel comfortable checking the charge yourself, come to our service department and have our team check the battery’s charge for you, or replace it if necessary. Need help learning how to jump-start your car? We’re happy to oblige.

Replace Fluids/Check Fluid Levels

Your vehicle’s fluids are essential in the winter, especially oil, wiper fluid, and coolants. Your car’s oil thickens during the winter, which makes it harder for your engine to turn over and start. At Westpointe CDJR, we can check your vehicle’s fluid levels and replace or top off fluids that are low.

Clear Your Car

This isn’t a service need — but it’s an important maintenance need to keep up with throughout the winter, just like following how often to rotate your tires. Be sure to clear the ice and snow off of your windshield, windows, and the top of your car, and you may also want to clean your floor mats. Snow that gathers on top of your car can fly off and impede other drivers’ view. Ice and frost can also impair your vision on the road.