Understanding Transmission Service

January 31st, 2018 by

Transmisison Service

Your transmission doesn’t need a ton of upkeep for the big job it has in your car. You may be surprised to learn that a yearly checkup, fluid top off and filter change is all your transmission probably needs each year. Once you have more than 30,000 miles on your car, it may be time to start having your transmission flushed on a scheduled basis.

Your owner’s manual will tell you the right mileage marker to get your transmission flushed. Some vehicles only need a flush at 100,000 miles, as long as the transmission shows no sign of problems.

At Westpointe Chrysler Jeep Dodge you can talk with one of our professional technicians to learn more about transmission service. If you’ve seen fluid leaks, or your car is driving rough, it’s time to have your transmission checked out.

No matter what is wrong with your car, at Westpointe Chrysler Jeep Dodge we are ready to solve the problem.

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