Which Jeep is Right for Me?

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Jeep caravan driving down a desert road

Today, the engineers and designers at Jeep offer a whole lineup of vehicles that bridge the gap between off-road ruggedness and modern luxury. Their history and distinctive style is widely recognized, but their expanded array of options has prompted
many to ask: which Jeep is right for me? We’ve set out a comparison between the core models in their lineup, so you can find the model that suits you best.

Jeep Price List

When you’re searching for the Jeep that’s right for you, it’s a good idea to have your budget in mind. Thankfully, each of the new vehicles made by Jeep is priced affordably, with only the Grand Cherokee starting above $30,000 MSRP. Here are the prices for the most recently released non-limited models in the Jeep Lineup:

  • Jeep Renegade: 2018 Renegade starting at $18,750 MSRP
  • Jeep Compass: 2019 Compass starting at $21,095 MSRP
  • Jeep Cherokee: 2019 Cherokee starting at $25,240 MSRP
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: 2019 Grand Cherokee starting at $31,695 MSRP
  • Jeep Wrangler: 2018 Jeep Wrangler starting at $27,945 MSRP
2019 Jeep Cherokee

Making the Right Selection

Of course, comparing prices is only the first step if you’re going to find out which Jeep is right for you! We’ve listed each Jeep vehicle’s class, along with the reasons that drivers tend to gravitate towards one vehicle or another:

  • Jeep Renegade
    • Class: Subcompact Crossover
    • The Renegade is an exceptionally capable subcompact crossover SUV. It combines the off-road capabilities that Jeep drivers love with the fuel-economy and maneuverability that have drivers in the Oklahoma City area rushing to experiment with this segment.
  • Jeep Compass
    • Class: Compact Crossover
    • The Compass is the most urbane model in the modern Jeep lineup, but even this model is capable of going off-road with the right drivetrain equipped. Still, we recommend this model to drivers who appreciate the looks, performance, and heritage of the Jeep lineup, but who spend most of their time on pavement.
  • Jeep Cherokee
    • Class: Compact SUV
    • The most recent versions of the Jeep Cherokee still offer much of the off-road capability of the now-fabled originals, but its looks have been updated for a market where crossover SUVs need to appeal broadly in order to succeed. Naturally, the Cherokee has been a hit, and it offers a great balance of comfort, capability, and discreet-but-distinct looks.
    • Learn more about the Cherokee technology features.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • Class: SUV
    • The flagship Jeep SUV has it all. It offers even more engine options and available all-wheel drive systems than the adventure-ready Wrangler, but with modern exterior and interior styling that’s just as well suited to El Reno or Tuttle as it is to trails far from the beaten path.
  • Jeep Wrangler
    • Class: Compact SUV
    • Although it also qualifies as “compact,” the Wrangler offers much more power than most of the models discussed thus far. In its design, it harkens back directly to the original WWII Jeep models, and since it’s available with two different all-wheel-drive systems, it’s one of the most capable trail runners available today. Choose this model if you want more excuses to go off-road.
    • Learn more about the Wrangler configurations, and take these tips if you’re a first-time Wrangler owner.

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